Freeze Your Food to Save Money

Use your freezer strategically. When meat or poultry is on sale, buy a lot and freeze it. These meats will last at least 3 months or more depending on how it’s preserved. The packaging of the food will affect its lifespan. Keep air out and vacuum seal it. If you are unable to vacuum seal the meats, then try wrapping plastic around it, and stuff it in a plastic bag.

Money Saving Tip: For anyone daring enough, use a straw and suction out the extra air with your mouth. Then use a twisty tie or tie a knot. This works even better if you have a zipper on the bag. Just leave enough space on the bag for the straw hole.

Make sure to keep it solidly frozen. If there has been any type of thawing, this will affect the meat and you should cook it immediately. After you cook the meat, you can add some spices and seasoning to make it last a couple more months. And this is how you can begin saving money on meats.

This method of freezing is also useful in keeping your fruits longer without spoilage. You can shop seasonally for your fruits and vegetables and when certain seasonal items such as fruit are at special, low prices. Buy in bulk and freeze. In the wintertime, a pint of strawberries can cost $5 and $2 in the summertime. Since berries have huge water content to them, they can freeze very easily and retain a good amount of their flavor year round. They also have a high sugar content that is very useful in preservation. You ever notice how honey and jams can last a long time? This is the same concept. Strawberries, blueberries and grapes can be frozen and save you lots of money.

Another way to keep the fruit in storage is to turn them in jams and jellies. If you prefer, you can use the jam, jellies and fruit to make a pie. Then freeze the pie for future eating.

Cooking a food will usually help to make it last just a bit longer. But remember, if it smells bad or has a funny taste, don’t chance it. Food poisoning is serious and you should throw out the food that goes bad.

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